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GEI-2A participa y dirige otro proyecto emblemático e innovador que crea tendencia.

We are creating a group of companies who are interested in developing and improving the conditions of projects and works connected to meat and food processing factories.  We have acquired a copy of the latest book published by Woodhead Publishing, which specialises in all areas of hygienic design of food factories. Please contact us if you would like to be part of this new venture.

Hygienic Design of Food Factories

book review

Anexamos tablas de previsiones de aumento de costes energéticos.  GEI-2A estamos trabajando en su reducción con:

1)    Estudio –auditorias energéticas

2)    Plan de medidas de reducción de consumo (por ejemplo uso de biomasa)

Histórico GAS COTIZACIONES Trimestrales 2011 Noviembre

Control Energia CESUR